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Difficulty Level 1
》No risk of death.
》Takes a long time to beat.
》Devoid of entities.
》Easy in Solo/Duos/Trios.

Overview Overview

Level 7 (the eighth level) appears to be a library with a sign saying "THE END is NEaR", attempting to give you the false impression that you will escape the backrooms soon.

Pencil Description

1st Part[]

This level has a lot of parts that have the same palette, the walls are tan, the floor is gray and the ceiling is tan too, the first one being the area you spawn in, that part is filled with wooden shelves and other wooden items. There seems to be occasionally some blue carpets. There are papers spread all across the level, however the only important one is the note, the lights are white like usual and there's a big giant gate at the far right, you will be able to open it later.

2nd Part[]

After putting the code in the keypad, you will find yourself in a long hallway, this leads to different ways, the far right is always the right option, squeezing yourself through will lead you to a small room with boxes, papers and a vent going up, going up the vent will put you in a ventilation system that is really long, at the end you will fall into a room with a fallen shelf, going further will lead you to a room with numerous shelves, there will be 2 books, one being the Entity Book, and the other being a special book that gives numerous codes to try in the next keypad.

3rd Part[]

After getting the door unlocked and going through, you will see yourself in the same exact small room as the previous one, going up the vent again will lead you to a ventilation system yet again, but going further in you will see some holes on the left side of the vent, this hole shows you the 1st part of this entire level, going further will put you in a small room with a Computer in it, after putting "y" in the Computer, the closed gray vent in the wall will open.

Overview Mechanics

1st Puzzle[]

Now, to solve the puzzle, you must search the map to find an exact amount of 6 Gems. Remember the amount and color of these Gems, since it is necessary for solving the puzzle. You can only find these gems on the lower shelves around the map, the roof shelves will never contain a gem.

Once you're absolutely done and you're certain you didn't miss any, go to the computer, and you'll notice this:

RED = 1 | PRIORITY = 1

Here's how it works:
The first number signifies the number that the color has. For example, Yellow's number is 5. Orange's number is 7. The second number is the order the colors must be arranged in. Finally, we have a number which is always changing. That's the quantity number. It signifies how many of the specifically colored gems there are. For example, if you have two yellow gems, that's going to be 25. Two is the amount, and 5 is the color's number.

There's one more thing. The priority. As you can see above, each color has a priority. Obviously, this shows in which order they must be put in. Let's say we have two red, one yellow, one blue, two purple. The code is going to be 21131526. Here's the priorities explained:

  • Red is first.
  • Green is second.
  • Blue is third.
  • Gray is fourth.
  • Yellow is fifth.
  • Purple is sixth.
  • Orange is seventh.

Putting the code in the computer will give you another code which will allow you to unlock Part 2 of Level 7.

After putting the code in the padlock and going through the door and through a maze of thin walls, you will see a ladder leading to a vent. Going through this vent will bring you to Part Two of Level 7. Here, you'll be surrounded by a high amount of shelves.

Some of them have a readable book, like the entity book. The one you're interested in is the book with a ton of four digit codes, because one of them is the code you have to put in the padlock.

2nd Puzzle[]

The only way to solve this puzzle is by guessing the codes written in the book. You can speed up this process by performing this in a squad of four.

Everyone takes a specific code, announces it to everyone else (so they won't pick the same code), and you'll unlock the door in no time.

3rd Puzzle[]

This part is the only part without a puzzle. After you unlock the door in Part Two and go through yet another vent system, you will land in the third and final part of Level 7.

Not much to say here. You have a computer on a desk which asks you to reboot it in order to open the exit (the garage door at the start). You have to write "y" in order to do so.

Objective Objective

Your objective in this level is to solve all of the puzzles and find yourself in the room with the second Computer, in the first part you will have to find different colored gems, note down the amount of gems with the same colors and transform them in a code (how to make the code is explained further in the Mechanics section so feel free to skip there), if you put in the right code, it will display a code on the Computer's screen, note it down and then go to the door with a keypad on the far left, put in the code you noted down, doing this will get the door to open.

In the second part you will have to look through a lot of codes in the book, test each code on the keypad and hope for the best, this is completely rng and you cannot skip this, after putting the right code the door will open.

In the third part it is all about putting "y" in the Computer, doing this will open the vent in the wall and it will also open the big gate in the 1st part, going in the darkness after the gate will transport you to Level 8, you also keep the Entity Book from this level.

Note Notes (1)

The note mentioned above can be found on the computer monitor. It shows a picture of a man thinking, with a speech bubble above his head. Inside the speech bubble, there are a three barely colored circles with numbers. There is also a piece of writing which says: "Code = 213213," pretty odd. Crammed next to the code is a red colored R with an equals sign and a one next to it, a blue colored B with an equals symbol and a two next to it, and for green, there's a five colored in green, but it's overlapping with a 6 colored in black.

It still has an equals sign and a 3 next to it though. This hints towards the way you are supposed to solve the level. In fact, this completely explains it. The writings are actually examples, not just explanations. However, if you still do not understand, stick around, because we're about to explain it.

Origin Origin

The End[]

The End is supposedly a 'trap Level' that creates the illusion of escaping The Backrooms. The layout of this Level consists of a seemingly endless modern library, with the main area in the center decorated with metal letters spelling 'the end is near'. Wanderers who enter this level will experience near complete silence, with some areas measuring at -6.2 dB. The center region of the Level is nearly as silent as the rest, though the computer terminals within buzz loudly. It is recommended to stay here and not explore to prevent feelings of isolation.

Tips Tips

  • Note down the gem and its color if able to.

Question Trivia

  • This level's name was used in Apeirophobia's title for the Pre-Alpha 1.0 update.
  • In one of the most recent updates, the newspaper in the opening cutscene was changed.
  • Despite glowing, players cannot grab or directly interact with the dice on the shelves.
  • This level is based on the anomalous/enigmatic level, The End, which exists both in the Wikidot and Backrooms Wiki.
    • In the Backrooms lore, this level gives wanderers the false idea that they have escaped the backrooms.
    • It is possible that the lack of entities here derives from this.
    • In fact, unlike in-game, the actual Level 7 in the Backrooms is unique in that it is a vast expanse of water that appears to stretch on endlessly.
  • From personal experience, on the book part of the level, the code most likely has a higher chance of being one of the smaller numbers in the book with all the possible codes.

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